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  Correcting defective waterproofing systems

Sadly, a large proportion of our work is correcting poorly specified or badly installed waterproofing systems. It cannot be stressed enough that clients, whether designers, builders or homeowners, should ensure that the installers of a waterproofing system truly know what they are doing. If you are uncertain, employ an independent consultant; follow the links on the Trade Affiliations page of this website, or speak to us!

All of the case studies of failed systems (see right) created great upheaval for the owners and several were only resolved through expensive court cases. Although the failures should not have occurred in the first place, we were able to install correct systems in all instances. Please remember we are experienced, insured and happy to carry out system design works.

A flooded cellar - see Case Study 3
  Case studies

Click on the thumbnails below to read case studies and see further photographs.

CS1 link CS2 link CS3 link CS4 link
Case study 1
Case study 2
Case study 3
Case study 4
CS5 link CS6 link CS7 link CS1 link
Case study 5
Case study 6
Case study 7
Case study 8






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